We will ensure professional legal assistance of the highest standard in conducting civil, administrative and criminal court cases and in negotiations. We have longstanding experience in representing our Clients at all stages of proceedings, from negotiating amicable agreements and preparation work for a case, through to conducting the case in court and finally, execution of a court judgment. We have successfully represented many Polish and foreign companies in proceedings. Our practice includes, amongst others, representation in proceedings in commercial, civil and administrative matters before the common courts of all instances, the Supreme Court, Regional (Wojewódzki) Administration Courts and Supreme Administrative Court and also before the conciliation and arbitration tribunals. We are well aware that proceedings before the courts are the final step in protecting companies interests, we also conduct pre-court negotiations which aim to achieve the desired results without the case going to court.

A series of professions such as lawyer, doctor or accountant carry responsibility for the life, health or the Client’s assets. An error committed by a person in one of these professions may have serious consequences, and therefore the Client – the injured party - will have the right to compensation. Because of the considerable specialization of the aforementioned professions, repairing the damage usually involves complex court proceedings covering many areas, disciplinary proceedings and even the public prosecution’s involvement. Disputes may also relate to the professionals themselves and insurance companies which are liable under the policies concluded. Our law firm has the experience in seeking damages from professionals and their insurers. We hold pre-proceedings negotiations, and also conduct disputes in court. We represent our Clients before the corporate professional bodies as legal representative of the injured party in disciplinary proceedings and before the law enforcement agencies.

One of the leading areas we specialize in is intellectual property law covering in particular industrial ownership law (trademarks, patents etc.),copyright, protection personal interests, media rights and countering unfair competition. Our offer includes both opinions, drafting and negotiating agreements assigning copyright, licence agreements and agreements relating to know – how, and conducting disputes in the aforementioned areas. We have experience in the protection of our Clients intellectual property in civil, criminal and administrative law.

We provide comprehensive advice and conduct matters for Polish and foreign Clients under the law relating to foreigners, and in particular in matters of acquisition of Polish citizenship. Our offer is targeted primarily at all persons with Polish ancestors, who wish to obtain confirmation that they are Polish nationals and have a Polish passport issued. The law firm also has experience in procedures for granting citizenship and reinstating Polish citizenship for persons who have been deprived of it.

Many infringements of entrepreneurs\\\\\\\' rights give rise not only to civil (substantive) liability of the infringers, but also criminal liability. Counterfeiting products, unfair competition, extortion of goods or impeding execution of receivables are frequent crimes pursued ex officio, or by filing an application. The specifics of criminal proceedings of this type require active participation by the injured party at each stage of the case. Our firm’s lawyers have many years of experience in representing corporate entities and private individuals in criminal proceedings, commencing from the notification of a crime or investigation, in the preliminary hearing ( inquiry or investigation), and also before courts of every instance.

Our lawyers’ professional interests revolve around the concept of public procurement. We offer professional advice in this area. We assist our clients on every stage of the public tendering process. Our services include, among others, preparation of the tender documentation, consultancy regarding the correctness of the contracting party’s actions in the course of the procedure, participation in appeal proceedings, consultancy on the completion of public procurement contracts. We are also experienced in the area of tenders within the scope of public-private partnership (PPP) as well as tenders with EU’s financial participation. We provide legal advice both to contracting parties (public authorities) and suppliers (private entities). 

Many of our clients are Polish entrepreneurs and foreign entities who we advise on their investment activities in Poland. We offer complex due diligence of real property in order to assess the risks associated with the purchase thereof. Furthermore, we assist in the use of real property as collateral, we draft construction contracts, leas agreements, instruments regulating the financing of property purchase and many other such documents. We support our clients in obtaining legally required opinions, approvals, statements and administrative decisions. We offer comprehensive advisory services in the area of administrative law, environmental protection regulations etc.

Freliszka Gosk-Grodzka Karwowski Adwokaci Radcowie Prawni Spółka Partnerska is a Polish law firm operating in Warsaw.

The law firm was established by lawyers Krzysztof Freliszka and Michał Karwowski, as a specialized law firm dealing primarily with court disputes relating to commercial transactions, intellectual property, protection of business under criminal law, as well as professional indemnity. In 2016 attorney Edyta Gosk-Grodzka joined the team, expanding the competencies of the law firm by, among others, public procurement, EU funds and telecommunications law issues. We combine professional activity with education, conduct a Law_IT project, and have also become involved in supporting the entrepreneur’s development , particularly in “new technology“ (“start-up‘).

Although our registered office is in Warsaw, we conduct cases throughout Poland, communicating with our Clients in English and Russian also.


Lawyer, graduate of Department of Law and Administration of Warsaw University, member of the Lawyer’s Chamber in Warsaw. Specializes in civil and commercial law. He has extensive experience in court proceedings, including in particular, representation in numerous economic and civil proceedings . He took part in advisory projects for the State Treasury Ministry and local government units, and also in the procedure privatising State Treasury companies.


Attorney at law as well as legal counsel, deputy Disciplinary Officer of Warsaw Bar Association. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. Specializes in issues related to public procurement, the law on telecommunications, administrative law and a wide range of problems within the broadly understood economic law. Provides on-going legal assistance services to polish companies and foreign entities operating in Poland. Supports foreign entrepreneurs establish their business in the Polish market. Took part in advisory projects for the Treasury Ministry and local government units, as well as in the process of privatization of state-owned companies. Advised on the project entitled “Internet dla Mazowsza” - the largest project of building broadband network infrastructure to be completed in Europe. Conducts and supervises procedures of merger, division, transformation, bankruptcy and liquidation of companies, branch offices and foreign establishments in Poland. email:


Lawyer, member of the Lawyer’s Chamber in Warsaw, deputy of the Disciplinary Prosecutor of the Lawyers Chambers, rotarian. Since 2006 he has had an independent practice in Warsaw covering in particular court disputes, legal issues on intellectual property and countering unfair competition and protection of commercial activity under criminal law. Author of publications on civil procedure. Twitter: @mjkarwowski

Lena Dąbrowska

Lawyer. Graduate from the Department of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. Member of the Lawyer’s Chamber in Warsaw, deputy of the Disciplinary Prosecutor of the Lawyers Chambers. Specializes in criminal law including in the area relating to criminal law aspects of industrial property. Author of publication on civil procedure and criminal proceedings.


Lawyer, member of the Lawyers Chamber in Warsaw, graduate from the Department of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. Specializes in criminal, family and industrial property law. Joined the law firm in October 2008.


Advocate, member of the Lawyer’s Chamber in Warsaw. Involved in civil law, criminal law, focused on business criminal law and administrative law. Has experience in administrative issues, in particular those related to legal and administrative aspects of the transport industry.

Kamil Kistryn

Attorney’s trainee enlisted with the District Bar Association in Warsaw. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Warsaw University. His professional experience extends to representing clients before common courts in criminal and civil cases as well as commercial law cases and ongoing corporate services including preparation of internal corporate documentation in English and Polish. He started his career cooperating with renowned law firms providing legal services for energy industry companies i.a. liquid fuels and gas sector, renewable sources of energy sector.


Junior lawyer. Her interests are focused on criminal law, corporate law and industrial property law. She is engaged in debt collection and ongoing support in industrial property law cases such as submitting registration application of trademarks, contacts with the patent office, market overview and analysis with regard to trademarks similarity and possible likelihood of confusion.

Magdalena Nagórska

Office Director. Joined FGGK law firm in 2013. 5th year student of the Law Faculty at the Lazarski University in Warsaw. Responsible for supervising and coordinating office administrative operations, financial and accounting matters as well as personnel services. She is also focused on cooperation with law enforcement agencies with regard to customs procedures. As the Office Director she cares for customer relations, high performance administration of the office and supervision over providing timely customer service.

Roksana Zawadzka

Administrative Assistant. Responsible for executing office operations, ongoing support for employees, internal document flow and filling as well as incoming and outgoing correspondence management.

Jakub Wilk

student at the Warsaw University, Law and Administration Faculty. Interested in civil law and commercial law.

Aneta Chmura

Patents Attorney, European Patents Attorney and European Trade Mark and Design Attorney.

Nannan Wang

Senior Partner in cooperating Rainmaker Law Firm in Beijing. Has rich experience in providing CEE related legal services. Provided legal service for large state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, start-up enterprises of China mainly in projects of Overseas Investment, Infrastructure, Mining & Energy, Rolling Stock, Tendering & Bidding, Mergers & Acquisitions, and other investment projects in CEE countries.

Our Client’s trust is the core asset of our Legal Office. We have earned this trust through many years of dedicated work by our lawyers and the the presence of the firm on the Polish legal market.

Our experience in the fields of law significant for our practice is matched by the understanding of different types of business activities. This allows us to cooperate and successfully provide advice to Clients from many differing sectors, such as consulting services and steel and energy industry.


Why you should choose our law firm?

Our satisfied Clients are our best reference. The main attributes of our work is the quality of service and personal involvement, while retaining competitive prices and keeping costs to a minimum in cases we conduct. The experience and skills of our lawyers in the areas we specialize in mean that we are in a position to put forward an offer comparable to the largest market players, in exchange for remuneration adapted to our Clients needs reducing their expenses for legal services.

In our cooperation with Clients we are guided by the following principles:

strict confidentiality;

high quality work, whilst maintaining a competitive level of remuneration;

making every effort to save the Client costs, whilst maintaining a high level of services and focusing on achieving the most advantageous result in a particular case;

availability of the specific representative of the Law Firm dealing in the matter at all times;

regular reporting on the status of cases being conducted;

ongoing consultation of steps taken with the Client.

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