Krótka wzmianka o rożnorodności

Krótka wzmianka o różnorodności

Comprehensive legal services – specific areas

We are not specialists in every field of law but our aim is to excel at our focus areas. Our Law Firm provides our Clients with assistance based on understanding of regulations, case law and literature as well as broad, regularly expanded, practice and familiarity with the local features, which undergo regular development. In our counselling we focus on our Clients’ objectives and seek safe and practical solutions.

Our representation in disputes or negotiations is focused on the issues important for our Client, we do not seek inessential areas of conflict, instead we are bold to fight for significant matters. If a particular issue falls outside the scope of our Law Firm specialisations we recommend external specialists we trust. We operate throughout the Polish territory; our languages are Polish, English and Russian.



We have a longstanding experience in representing our Clients at all stages of proceedings, from negotiating amicable agreements and preparation work for a case, through to conducting the case in court and finally, execution of a court judgment. We have successfully represented many Polish and foreign companies in proceedings. Our practice includes, but is not limited to, representation in proceedings in commercial, civil and administrative matters before the common courts of all instances, the Supreme Court, Provincial (Wojewódzki) Administration Courts and Supreme Administrative Court and also before the conciliation and arbitration tribunals. Our practice covers the following areas in particular:

- Disputes on execution of contracts

- Enforcement of debts

- Employment cases

- Damages

- Arbitration proceedings

- Liability of professionals

- Administrative proceedings

Corporate clients

FGGK Law Firm provides complex corporate services for Polish and international companies operating in Poland. Our regular legal services for businesses cover:

- tax law

- preparing, assessing and negotiating contracts and agreements,

- preparing internal documents (resolutions, procedural rules),

- corporate law consulting

- labour-law and HR consulting

- organizing workshops and conferences,

- companies liquidation

FGGK Law Firm provides legal services in Polish, English and Russian. In order to facilitate and simplify conducting business activities by our Clients we cooperate with trusted accounting offices, tax advisors, sworn translators and public notaries.


Penal law in business

A growing number of business areas are subject to the penal law provisions aimed at combating practices the Legislator deems particularly harmful. The Prosecutor’s Office expanding structures develop new specialised units to prosecute crime related to commercial transactions, taxation, public levies, environment protection or failure to comply with numerous administrative obligations introduced by way of new regulations. Running a business involves understanding the penal law nuances and in the instance of an inquiry or investigation related to a particular business, skilful exercise of the penal procedure provisions rights of the persons involved in the process. Our Law Firm Lawyers have many years of experience in advising and defending in cases related to the so called economic crime, from preliminary proceedings through to judicial decisions in appeal and cassation proceedings.

Similarly, when running a business it is not unlikely to fall a victim of criminals or groups specialised in payments and goods extortion, online fraud, data theft, IT system hacking and counterfeiting, or even persons who under the guise of cooperation or provision of work appropriate entrusted property or steal trade secrets. The success of a victim’s claim pursuit in penal proceedings requires the support of an experienced and active lawyer who is able to present clearly their Client’s position, often complex business context of a crime and establish cooperation with the investigators, followed by a reliable representation of the victim before a court as an auxiliary or a private prosecution. Our Law Firm has already enjoyed many years of successful practice within this regard.

Services for foreign nationals

FGGK Law Firm has broad experience in providing legal services to foreign nationals, ensuring top quality legal advisory and conducting cases within:

• legalization of residence of foreign nationals,
• citizenship acquisition,
• employment permit,
• purchase of real estate in Poland,
• operating a business in Poland,
• dissolution of marriage with a Polish citizen.

We cooperate with a notary public and a sworn translator to provide our Clients with a proper preparation of documents required in administrative and court proceedings.

Intellectual Property Law

Many of our Clients to whom we provide consulting services related to trademark law are Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and artists. Our legal assistance incorporates but is not limited to acting on the grounds of industrial property law (trademark law, patents etc.), copyright law, protection of personal rights, mass media law and combating unfair competition. We offer our Clients support with registration and protection of trademarks and industrial designs in Poland and Europe.
In case of a dispute, specifically the one concerning brand infringement, our lawyers represent Clients at the stage of a call toe C&D , negotiations as well as before civil, commercial, penal and administrative courts, Patent Office and before the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Allicante.

Public Procurement/EU Funds

Our lawyers’ professional interests revolve around the concept of public procurement. We offer professional advice in this area. We assist our clients at every stage of the public tendering process. Our services include, but are not limited to, preparation of the tender documentation, consultancy regarding the correctness of the contracting party’s actions in the course of the procedure, participation in appeal proceedings, consultancy on the completion of public procurement contracts. We are also experienced in the area of tenders within the scope of public-private partnership (PPP) as well as tenders with EU’s financial participation. We provide legal advice to the contracting parties (public entities) as well as suppliers (private entities).


New technologies specialisation allows us to respond to the needs of start-ups operating within the sector as well as combine legal expertise with an understanding of the nature of their business operations. Our Law Firm services cover company set-up, drawing up any documents essential to start and develop a business as well as legal advisory which is crucial at this stage. The FGGK Law Firm is highly experienced in drawing up and negotiating investment agreements with start-up financing entities. The range of our services covers in particular:

- forming partnerships and companies

- business start-up advisory

- preparation of documents to start business operations – agreements and regulations

- investment agreements and negotiations.

New technologies

Broad experience and expertise within intellectual property rights, commercial agreement law and start-up formation has given a rise to a new specialisation covering comprehensive services for new technology businesses. Out professional practice has equipped us with experience within the scope of legal concepts related to Youtube. As regards new technologies law our services include:

- IT agreements consulting;

- developing website regulations and agreements on online operations;

- Youtube and Instagram related law;

- conducting software or computer game disputes;

- assistance for youtubers, advisory within Youtube business operations;

- conducting cases on infringement of moral rights on Youtube or other websites;

- advisory with implementations;

- advisory with IT copyrights.

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FAQ – If you have got a Start-up or you are at the beginning of your business journey Here are some answers to make your decisions easier

Can you establish a partnership or a company remotely?

Yes, it is possible. However, it requires that relevant documents are signed before a notary public or in another manner appropriate for a particular country, followed by an apostille or legalisation. Such documents, with their sworn translation, may constitute basis for a partnership or company registration in Poland.

Who may be on the board of a limited liability company?

Fundamental conditions to hold a function on a limited liability company board are not excessive. A member of the board may be a person who has attained the age of 18 and has a full active legal capacity (has not been incapacitated). Furthermore, a member of the board may not be finally sentenced for a crime, yet, this condition refers solely to crimes against property, business transactions, document credibility, information protection, cash and securities trading.

Can you open a bank account via a representative?

Every company is obliged to hold a bank account at a Polish bank. Since banks make the process of a bank account set-up via a law firm significantly more difficult, it is recommended that the management board opens a bank account once a business is formed.

Does setting up a company make foreign nationals eligible to stay in Poland?

Ownership of a limited liability company shares or sitting on the management board does not involve a direct right to remain on the Polish territory. A non-EU foreign national will still be obliged to apply for a visa or a residence permit. Nevertheless, a function on a company board may constitute sole grounds of an application to stay on the Polish territory.

Can a foreign national become a sole trader in Poland?

A European Union/European Economic Area foreign national may establish and conduct business operations in Poland just like Polish citizens. A foreign national who is not a Member State citizen may undertake and conduct sole trading operations on the territory of Poland under the principles mandatory for Polish citizens, if they hold a permanent or temporary residence permit through a lasting marriage to a Polish citizen. Other foreign nationals have a right to operate on the Polish territory solely as a partnership or a company.

How long does it take to register a company in Poland?

The procedure of a company registration at a registry court takes about one month from the day of a company agreement conclusion before a notary public. Persons present in Poland may set a company up online, which accelerates the registration procedure significantly.

What is the taxation for a limited liability company?

A limited liability company’s income is subject to a corporate income tax - CIT. Partners do not assume liability for tax arrears provided that they do not sit on the board at the same time.

What is the minimum share capital and what contribution may be made to cover the shares in the share capital of a limited liabi

Minimum share capital is PLN 5000. Contributions may be made in cash or in kind.